Today’s supply chain complexity and disruptions challenge goods movement stakeholders’ ability to meet increasing customer expectations.

WCL’s ability to define clients’ critical questions, analyze market dynamics, and interpret data into winning client strategies is our core competency.

“WCL Consulting brought a deep supply chain understanding and expertise which we didn’t have in-house. The results have been continuous strategic improvements and practical process cost reductions.” Isao Nagasako

VP Corporate Planning, Alpine Electronics of America

WCL Consulting Performance Improvement Solutions

Mergers & Acquisitions /

Investment Due Diligence

3PL Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence

Industrial Real Estate Development Investment Due Diligence

Asset Sale Profile – Marketing Sheet

SWOT Analysis

Target Acquisitions

Customer Strategy & Marketing

Customer Surveys

Marketing Strategy

Market Research

Competitive Assessment

Tenant-Focused Value Propositions



Port of Entry Risk Mitigation

3PL Outsourcing Evaluation

Transportation Cost Management

Organization Enhancements

Information Technology Improvements

Warehouse Network Optimization

Strategic Objectives

Alternative Scenarios

Cost-to-Service Optimization

Product Flow Path

Risk Analysis